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Mining Engineering

Minerals, Coal, and Aggregates fuels our economy and supports our national security. MEADE GUNNELL engineering, PC offers mining engineering services in the areas of:

  • Coal Deposits in Kentucky and Virginia
  • Aggregates and Limestone
  • Mineral Sands
  • Metallic Mineral Deposits in North Carolina

The mining industry has full support from the current Administration giving the greatest opportunities to obtain mining permits MEADE GUNNELL offers environmental planning services to prepare our clientele for permitting and many cases strict permit limitations. Our permitting service offers:

  • Zoning and Public Presentation
  • Post Mine Land Use Planning
  • State Mine Permit Applications
  • Ground Water Sampling, Analysis & Modeling
  • NPDES Discharge and Non-Discharge Permits
  • Air Permits and Emissions Inventories
  • Aquifer Testing and Dewatering Plans

MEADE GUNNELL engineering, PC manages drilling programs specifically tailored to our client’s criteria. We provide core hole logging, coordinate data collection, and provide geologist/engineers to log cores. Our exploration services incorporates drill hole data into block model databases for resource/reserves estimation, mapping and long term planning. We furnish turn-key drilling, exploration, and resources studies.

Feasibility Studies
Pre-feasibility or scoping studies are provided along with our mining data bases to provide efficient solutions. Our research will develop a systematic approach for practical decisions on acquisitions. We develop geologic models of the resource base and prepare conceptual mining costs.

Design & Modeling Software
Numerical modeling techniques employ the data collected during the exploration and project feasibility process to define construction conditions of the mine. Our drill hole data refines the predictability of geologic conditions, excavation limitations, backfill, and safer ground support. We utilize some of the listed models and empirical tools:

  • Carlson Mining Software
  • LAMODEL-Stress and Displacement Calculations
  • ARMPS-Analysis of Retreat Mining Pillar Stability
  • ARBS-Analysis of Roof Bolt System
  • CMRR-Coal Mine Roof Rating
  • AMSS-Analysis Multiple Seam Stability

Ground control impacts mining costs and are increasingly complicated as mining operations advance into deeper areas and mining continues in surrounding old mine works.

MEADE GUNNELL provides blast designs and analysis:
  • Blast Designs
  • Blast Pit Surveys-GPS /Robotic Surveys
  • Electronic Initiation Systems
  • NONEL Initiation
  • Seismograph Monitoring
  • Record Keeping and Reporting
  • Expert Witness

Surface Mining

  • Open Pit Design-Equipment Selection
  • 3D and 2D Topographic Modeling
  • Long-Term Mine Planning, and Sequencing
  • Pumping/Dewatering
  • Permitting

Underground Mining
Our services include:

  • Mine Planning & Production Scheduling
  • Permitting
  • Ventilation Plans
  • Roof Control Plans
  • Mine Seal Construction Management
  • Crushers and Conveyor Belts
  • Equipment Selection
  • Rock Mechanics

Process Design
Whether you desire, minimal crushing or full comminution, MEADE GUNNELL utilizes the LIMN Flowsheet processor to emulate plant performance in the aggregate, coal, and mineral industry. We offer plant efficiency analysis; product modifications, performance assessments, and product recover estimates. Individual circuit analysis, density pulp sampling, and water balance reviews that will improve your processing, lower your operating costs and assure better quality control. Our design services include:

  • Crushing/Screening
  • Separation/Classification
  • Mineral Processing/Handling
  • Flotation/Thickening
  • Efficiency Analysis-LIMN Flow Sheet
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