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MEADE GUNNELL provides leading-edge solutions to meet the business needs of a variety of agencies. Collecting geographical data is critical to the tracking and managing of your resources, and can provide exceptional value for your organization.

Our GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Division offers a variety of solutions and services to include project management, database development/data capture (i.e. water, sewer and storm water inventory), data integration, analysis, needs assessments, technical expertise, as well as planning and spatial database management solutions that automate and integrate the collection and flow of information within land agencies.

Available Services:
GIS Consulting
GPS / Field Inventory
Project Management
Custom Mapping
Needs Assessments
Data Integration
Implementation Planning
Data Conversions
Database Development
Quality Assurance
Data Capture / Creation
Pikeville, Kentucky

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Civil Engineering  |  GIS/GPS  |  Quarry Services  |  Environmental  |  FTP
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