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Meade Gunnell utilizes SEDCAD computer model techniques for sediment removals to estimate TSS removal.  Therefore, our storm water designs can be customized even beyond the BMPs noted above.   
One alternative to BMP design is a Biorention Area (sometimes referred to as Rain Gardens) which can be considered as an alternate  retention facilities for treatment of low run-off flow rates.  Typically they are designed to mimic forested BMPs that naturally control hydrology through infiltration and evapotranspiration.  Attached is a typical plan and design information for bioretention water quality treatment and Skimmer Systems that could be used in the mining industry.

Clean Water Act
Our services with regard to Sections 404 and 401 of the Clean Water Act include:

          Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys and Studies

          Ecological and Biotic Community Studies

          Wetland and Stream Delineation

          Wetland, Stream, and Buffer Permitting

          Wetland Mitigation Site Planning, Design, and Construction Oversight

          Stream Biological Monitoring

          Stream Mitigation Site Planning, Design, and Construction Oversight

Air Quality
Clean Coal Technology
The Environmental Protetction Agency (EPA) and state regulatory standards govern economic expansion and management of our industries.   MEADE GUNNELL has completed environmental site assessments and air permits for more than 300 projects throughout the U.S. These audits range in scope depending on each client's requirements and what data is generated. 
Environmental Impact Statements
Water Quality Permitting
Environmental Screening Inspections
On-Site Sewage Disposal Design & Permitting
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
Soil Remediation
Environmental Compliance Audit
Superfund Cleanup
Wetlands Investigations
Stormwater Management (SW3P)
Groundwater Investigations
Spill Prevention Countermeasure Plan (SPCC)
Air Quality Permitting


Civil Engineering  |  GIS/GPS  |  Quarry Services  |  Environmental  |  FTP
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