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About Us

MEADE GUNNELL engineering, p.c. is an engineering and environmental design firm located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our firm, established in 1993, provides land planning, geographic information systems (GIS), land design services, civil engineering, mining engineering, utility, environmental, geotechnical investigations, construction management and construction design support. Meade Gunnell is a licensed Professional Engineering Corporation in the states of Kentucky and North Carolina.
At MEADE GUNNELL, we’ve devoted more than a decade into formulating our vision of what an engineering company should be.

Veteran Professionals: Our veteran staff is led by senior-level professionals who average more than 25 years of industry experience. Each project receives veteran leadership to ensure scheduling and design quality, while younger professionals deliver a fresh perspective on age-old design issues. MEADE GUNNELL utilizes the talents of our experienced team to assess site constraints, address site problems, and interpret regulatory issues.

Comprehensive Client-Centered Approach: MEADE GUNNELL delivers results by understanding your business goals, creating an efficient and economical design, communicating effectively with state and local regulatory agencies, and capably managing sub-consultants. We are a service-oriented firm whose success depends on healthy client relationships and aggressive project management.

Quality Assurance: MEADE GUNNELL takes pride in the quality of its work. At MEADE GUNNELL we have procedures and systems in place for checks and balances. Our quality control program strives to produce the highest quality of product within the constraints of schedule and budget. We start by assigning a Project Manager who is responsible and accountable for all aspects of the project.
Civil Engineering  |  GIS/GPS  |  Quarry Services  |  Environmental  |  FTP
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